2010 Polaris RZR Red With Full Cab ATV 4X4

2010 Polaris RZR Red With Full Cab ATV 4X4
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Enjoy the best value among hard cabs for the RANGER RZR and enjoy outstanding year-round protection and comfort in all off-road conditions. Durable construction provides protection and the rear sliding window offers excellent ventilation that riders control.

    * Durable and lightweight construction for outstanding protection and comfort.
    * Protects riders from sun, wind, rough weather and numerous off-road

    * Provides versatile year-round comfort in all climates and riding conditions.
    * Riders can enjoy outstanding ventilation using the sliding rear window.
    * Cab interior comfort can be enhanced with the addition of additional cab

       accessories such as audio, fans, heater and more
* New Polaris Deluxe Fender Flairs

* New Polaris Deluxe Front Bumper

* New Polaris Deluxe Rear Bumper

* New 12" Custom Wheels

* New 12"  Tires

* Adjustable Steering Wheel

* Polaris Storage Box Under Seat

* This RZR is as close to new as you can get.......Take a look at the Pictures.......